Elite Coil tubing USA was created in 1998 to provide the best in-class intervention services on the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coast. Organizational, technological leadership, teamwork, quality and Safety are core drivers of our company philosophy.

Increasing energy demand and challenges caused by complex profiles in deviated wellbores and extended-reach reservoirs triggered our desire to provide innovative intervention services conveyed on coiled tubing (CT). Today, we are proud to offer on land services in all shale plays of the continental US as well as inland waters and offshore. In addition, we have a strong presence in Mexico, the Middle East and African market. Our product portfolio includes all the tools and services to improve well and reservoir performance.

Keys to Success :

As we remain flexible to adapt to changes in our business environment, we will strive to improve efficiency and productivity through knowledge sharing, organizational learning, and dedication to new technologies and best practices.






Corp Values



Elite Coil tubing Solutions USA was established in 1998 and started by providing an assortment of tools, drilling motors, and personnel aiding in the cleaning of well bores in oil and gas wells. Elite has successfully delivered services to over 2,000 wells in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas for different types of reservoirs formations and working conditions.
In 2006, Elite coil tubing solutions bought its first two fleets of coil tubing and an assortment of pressurized fluid and Nitrogen pumping to penetrate the Haynessville shale fields. Backed by the knowledge, experience, the engineering skills of top professionals and over 100 master service work contracts, Elite Coil Tubing Solutions became a premium provider of coil tubing services in Arkansas,Texas, and Louisiana.
In 2008, Elite had increased its fleets to 8 coiled tubing spreads and expanded its operations to Western Oklahoma, Colorado and South Texas.
By 2012, Elite coil tubing solutions was galvanized by the knowledge and experience gained in the US shale plays and began a strategic expansion into international market starting with MEXICO.
In 2013, Elite coil tubing solutions started to drive a standardized and consistent trend in its execution of products and services worldwide. The company fully embraced two of the most comprehensive recognized worldwide Quality Management Systems which are ISO 9001 and API Specs Q2. With these levels of certifications, Elite coil tubing solutions assures reliable and safe products and services. The company is dedicated to a systematic Health Safety & Environment protection program and strives to capture leading indicators of success to consolidate best practices over its products lifecycle.
In 2014, Elite coil tubing solutions developed strategic partnerships with strong allies in the Middle East region eyeing bids with the giant Saudi Aramco. Several other local partnerships led to gaining market shares in China, India North and West Africa. Our joint venture model is structured around sharing our capabilities, technologies, experiences and skills with strong and stable companies that have the authority, influence and access to business relationships and local work . Elite coil tubing solutions is excited to share with its partners the know-how that have taken its management team decades to acquire and is looking forward for opportunities to continue to grow.